About us

Biobox is a high quality eco-friendly and plastic-free lifestyle box featuring full-size products for eco-conscious individuals who feel that starting small may have a huge impact on the environment.

We believe this too and think that every small change impacts the environment greatly. As two young working professionals, we felt sometimes that we neglected to think about how our buying habits may affect the environment. It wasn’t until one day that we thought we were using a lot more plastic than necessary and that making small changes such as using a stainless steel water bottle made a world of difference to the amount of plastic we use in our day to day lives.

Because of this realisation, we noticed that it wasn’t just plastic water bottles we consumed it was everything from skincare products right to kitchen products. As we decided to go on our search for replacements we realised that there is plenty but sometimes they aren’t very accessible. I mean, can you find all your replacements in your local supermarket?

Biobox aims to help your kickstart your sustainable lifestyle and to do that we recognise the difficulties in accessing replacement products that are high quality and plastic-free. You can expect to find a mix of products in various categories such as skincare, bathroom, kitchen, and miscellaneous products.